About Me

Dutch Oven Daddy is the happy result of a gifted cast iron skillet and meal prep for a family member recovering from surgery. The desire to keep track of the recipes created brought Dutch Oven Daddy into existence. As these things go, the randomness of the Internet allowed D.O.D. to flourish as did with my love and appreciation for cast iron. Since that first skillet, my activity in the cast iron community has grown. I love to educate others on not only how to cook with it, but how to care for it along with the benefits of using cast iron.  Dutch Oven Daddy not only develops online content but also has had multiple television appearances and taught many cast iron focused classes.  I love everything about the multi-generational durability of cast iron.

Television Appearances

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Cherry Chocolate Dump Cake
Fox 13 The Place
May 3, 2018

7 Can Soup
Fox 13 The Place
September 26, 2018