A close up side shot of a slice of pasta showing the layers of cheese, sauce, and noodles.

Baked Spaghetti Casserole

Hot and bubbly, this Baked Spaghetti Casserole is total comfort food like lasagna but so much easier to make.
A slice of baked Mexican Spaghetti on a white plate garnished with sour cream and salsa.
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Baked Mexican Spaghetti

Give your next spaghetti dinner a twist of fusion and flavor by making this Baked Mexican Spaghetti in your cast iron skillet.

Skillet Ham Macaroni and Cheese

Skillet Ham Macaroni and Cheese is a hearty, family friendly meal that's bound to impress every time it's served.

Skillet Chicken Spaghetti

Skillet Chicken Spaghetti is a Southern classic comfort food dish and a great alternative to your traditional spaghetti dinner.
Skillet Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole fresh out of the oven, garnished with fresh parsley, ready to be served.

Skillet Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole

Skillet Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole has all the flavor of a classic bacon burger combined with pasta for a hearty casserole the whole family will love.
The camp oven lasagna has cooked, rested, and been garnished with fresh basil and is ready to serve.
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Dutch Oven Lasagna

Dutch Oven Lasagna has all the flavor of your favorite lasagna but is made in your cast iron Dutch oven or camp oven over coals. This is one of my all time favorite recipes and is a very good "starter recipe" to begin cooking with a…
Close up side view of fully baked dutch oven pizza pasta ready to be served.
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Dutch Oven Pizza Pasta

Dutch Oven Pizza Pasta takes all the classic flavor of pepperoni pizza but serves it up in cheesy pasta dish baked in your favorite cast iron pot.

Taco Spaghetti

It's not tacos, it's not spaghetti. It's Taco Spaghetti. Mix it up and upgrade your weeknight meal with Skillet Taco Spaghetti.
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Skillet Fried Potatoes

For breakfast, lunch or dinner, Skillet Fried Potatoes are quick, easy and delicious!
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Sonoran Style Hotdogs

Sonoran Style Hotdogs is an Arizona inspired meal that is a fantastic twist on regular hotdogs. Wrapped in bacon this helps take this over the top into a delicious meal.
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Fresh Grilled Rainbow Trout

Nothing better than Fresh Grilled Rainbow Trout while camping. Fresh from river straight to the grill. Splashed with lemon, it will be the freshest fish you've ever had.