Cooking in Cast Iron is easier then you may think, check out our site for new recipes 
and tips on how to cook in your cast iron.

How it all started

Hi! We're Ned and Jeremy. Dutch Oven Daddy was started when Ned's mother-in-law broke her foot overseas just after she had given him a cast iron skillet. When she came back he wanted to help her out since surgery was required. He started cooking in cast iron and Dutch ovens so she would have several meals during the week without having to cook. He put the recipes on a blog just to keep track of them and didn't think twice about having viewers to the blog.

Ned's friend, Jeremy, saw the blog and wanted to team up with creative aspects, as well as cooking. We then combined forces shortly into the process to see what we could create. It has been an amazing learning process so far!

We continue to have a lot of fun cooking in the beautiful black iron. We love all aspects of the Cast Iron community and helping others get started with their first skillet or Dutch Oven.

Feel free to poke around our website, social media outlets and feel free to contact us or ask us questions! 
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